get the job, position and salary you


even if you don’t have a relevant network

Marketing is no longer about
the stuff you make,
but about the story you tell.
— Seth Godin

I had to understand what I was doing wrong

So I learned to tell my story

When I moved back to the US from Spain, I had nothing to lose, so I started reaching out to a small, select group of executives in the space where I wanted to be.  At that point, my goal was NOT to get a job, but to understand what I was doing wrong. As it turned out, I wasn’t telling my story in the best way possible and I really didn’t know how to play the game in the new industry, the new job type, AND the new locations where I wanted to work.  With a better understanding of how to tell my story and who to tell it to, it didn’t take long and I had 3 job offers, from the Australian government, the New Zealand government, and the African Development Bank.

That’s when I realized the power of relationships and that good people will help good people when they make their story relevant and tell it in the right way.

That theme carried through my work with the New Zealand government, where I helped CEOs and executives in Silicon Valley and New Zealand connect to solve big problems, and change the course of their businesses.

Through it all, from that first pay cut to where I am now, I’ve doubled my salary with every career change, and I now make almost 10x what I was earning just 8 years ago.

What helps professionals get promoted early on in their career is not what will get them to the leadership and executive level. Learning to tell your story in the right way is the foundation on which most professional growth opportunities are built.

When I moved into executive recruiting, it gave me an insider’s view on a MASSIVE Scale, of how executives in every industry and job function MANAGE their career. From this experience, I could no longer deny that the most successful professionals are thoughtful, methodical and strategic about how they approach their career and job search. I realized that there were key skills, learnings, traits, tasks, and approaches that the most successful executives take, and many times they learned those things at a young age so they don’t even realize they’re doing it.

The exciting news is that this skill set can ABSOLUTELY BE LEARNED.

Your ideal job may seem to be unreachable. Most of my clients come to me because they aren’t having the success in their job search that they had hoped for.  Maybe you, like so many others, are feeling that same frustration and aren’t getting the results you want, perhaps feeling that you “can’t” get your ideal job because:

  • It’s outside of your sweet spot
  • You don’t have a relevant network to make “in-roads”
  • You have LIMITED time
  • You listen to naysayers – instead of REALLY knowing the truth
  • You continue to limit yourself by compromising early in your job search, but then the job you actually get just feels beneath your abilities and experience.

These challenges can all be overcome when you LEARN how to manage your career.

What’s holding you back?

Are you ready to learn to tell you story? Let’s talk. Contact me here.

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