I built professional networks across the globe.

In three words, I can sum up everything I’ve learned about life: It goes on.

— Robert Frost

A Long Time Ago

I lived in Spain


I completed my MBA at an internationally recognized, highly-ranked business school and yet as I looked for jobs with a new degree and amazing credentials, I found myself in the frustrating application cycle, with virtual silence every time I submitted an application.

I was back on the market, but the market I wanted wasn’t interested in what I had to offer. I submitted 40 job applications to relocate back to the US. I had 3 interviews and received 2 pretty weak job offers.

While I was looking to make a career change, I wasn’t willing to take a step back just to move forward, and I knew I could do so much more than the jobs that I was getting calls for required.

I didn’t have time to waste, but I also had nothing to lose, so I hustled, went full force into it, and after holding just a few meetings with the RIGHT people, I had 3 job offers in exactly what I wanted to do in the location I wanted.

From that point onward I became obsessed with understanding what drives career success, and quite frankly, how the underdog can get ahead. My next job was the perfect platform to figure it out.

Working in consulting, I was interacting with top-tier CEOs and business leaders from around the country and the world, many of whom had been self made. And I didn’t waste the opportunity. After 2 years in Los Angeles, I relocated again to Silicon Valley, where talked strategy with Meg Whitman (CEO of HP), talked design thinking and career management with Tom Kelley (Founder of IDEO), and even had the opportunity to host a seminar with Konstantin Guerrick, the Co-Founder of LinkedIn, on managing your network.

I had assembled my own personal advisory board, and learned from some of the most successful executives in the world. Through that process, I learned how to build a network, even when you don’t have the family or professional contacts to get you started.

I have since returned to Los Angeles where I have worked in recruiting for a top-tier firm, and continue to develop my coaching by helping others find their best career no matter where in the world it may be.

It IS possible to move ahead without stepping back and I can help you get there.

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