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I offer two avenues to work together to help you land your dream job.

Online Program

This powerhouse course is a comprehensive, self-paced program that directs you through each step of a career defining job search.


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One-on-one Coaching

Bringing together personalized, high-impact sessions and the expertise from 100’s of successful career placements and negotiations, one-on-one coaching provides ongoing support and perspective to help you redefine your career and take it to new heights.


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Working with her made all the difference!

Samantha, PhD, Head of People, Biotech Industry


Samantha, PhD, Head of People, Biotech Industry

Suzanne is my go-to woman when I contemplate a career change. I somehow got through a BS and PhD at MIT without learning how to master the job search process, so thank goodness I found Suzanne. She knows how to ask you the right questions to get to the heart of what you want in your career, and then how to construct those desires into actual jobs. She used data (which I love!) to guide me through the nuances of the job search process and helped me get the job I wanted.

Career Confidence has shifted my perspective 180 degrees

-Sylvia, Customer Success Program Manager, Biotech


-Sylvia, Customer Success Program Manager, Biotech

The Career Confidence program has shifted my perspective 180 degrees! I learned the importance of establishing my brand, recognizing my value, and standing in my truth during career advancement planning. The networking lessons were also fantastic, helping me understand what networking is and isn't, and how to do it correctly. The work here created a psychological shift that I didn't expect, and taught me why creating multiple resumes is wrong!  Her teaching style gave me just the right "nudge" to head in the right direction.

Career Confidence helps other people be great

-Kathleen, PhD, Scientific Project Manager


-Kathleen, PhD, Scientific Project Manager

This course works. I needed someone to teach me how to do networking. It is one of my weaknesses, and I always avoided it. I needed someone to tell me you can do this, and here's how you do it. I needed that direction and the vote of confidence.

Career Confidence helped me get my dream job!

Regina, Director of Marketing


Regina, Director of Marketing

Suzanne helped me get my dream job, which I didn’t even know existed. It was exciting to see my brand emerge after I worked through the assignments, video tutorials, and one-on-one coaching calls. She also helped me discover how much fun networking can be. I enjoyed working with Suzanne tremendously. I would highly recommend Suzanne to anyone who wants to level up and get their dream jobs.

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As an Executive Recruiter for 7 years, I worked with 100’s of hiring managers, and interviewed 1,000’s of candidates. Through this work, I developed a keen sense of what works (and what doesn’t) for professionals seeking to accelerate, advance or transition their careers. My fascination with the psychology of hiring and being hired informs my work with each client, as we work together to define your value, build a professional brand, and maximize your results at each step of your job search (from resume writing, to interview coaching, and networking).


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From my 7+ years experience as a recruiter and through 1,000’s of executive interviews, it’s abundantly clear to me that there are 2 things that make a person stand out versus their competition. Confidence and Passion These are the two things that seal the deal. They’re the difference between getting the interview, and landing the

The way you talk about your work defines your future work. The stories you tell help your current and future bosses understand your value, and how they can best utilize you. When you only focus on work that is hard (and unenjoyable) vs. work that is hard but you LOVE doing, you set yourself up

You’re probably already negotiating before you apply and you don’t even realize it. And there’s a good chance you’re negotiating against yourself. l was just discussing this in a Career Confidence group coaching call. Women in particular do this a lot. Women are early compromisers. We negotiate in our own heads, consider both parties’ perspectives,

I mean, literally no one. And yet so many women are hesitant to accept an introduction from a family friend. Introductions and advice are not handouts. The problem is in the perception of what a handout is. If a friend of the family who happens to be in high places says they want to recommend

When it’s time to aim higher, dream bigger, and get the job you’ve earned, I’m here to help

— Suzanne O’Brien