Career Coaching

Bringing your biggest challenges to light…

Your ideal job may *seem* to be unreachable. Clients come to me because they aren’t happy in their current job or they are deserving of promotion, and simply can’t seem to take their career to the next level.  In many cases, they’ve been at the job search for awhile and aren’t having the success they had hoped for.

Maybe you, like so many others, are feeling that same frustration and aren’t getting the results you want, perhaps feeling that you “can’t” get your ideal job because:

  • It’s outside of your sweet spot
  • Your resume doesn’t really give the full picture of what you can do
  • Networking isn’t your forte and you don’t have a relevant network to make “in-roads”
  • You’re underselling yourself – maybe you just aren’t comfortable bragging
  • You know you can do more, but because you don’t meet the “job requirements”, you’re not getting interviews

These challenges are often the symptoms, but not the underlying cause of your problem.  Confidence, awareness, and the ability to communicate your value to the right audience at the right time, can completely shift your network, hiring manager’s opinions of you, and help you see your own value in a new light. 

…and changing your outcomes…

You can learn how to present the best version of yourself, how to shine a light on what you want people see, how to build a high-level network in the area of business, engineering and science that you want to be in (but maybe you aren’t in right now).

The right network will give you the access, mentorship and sponsorship you need.

The right branding strategy will position you for the job you want (not the one you already have).

Most-importantly, changing your self-perception will transform your confidence, and allow you to show up to interviews as the leader you know you are.

…by changing your approach…

When being great at what you do isn’t enough to get you where you want to go, and you’re tired of submitting your resume and not getting calls, or you’re afraid to invest the time and effort because you’re worried it won’t get you what you really want, you can feel trapped. 

That can all change.  You can unlock your potential and let it shine to the world, by changing the way you approach your career and job-search.

A comprehensive job-search strategy includes a thoughtful self-assessment, a focused approach with consideration given to your timeline and your market value, a thoughtfully developed professional brand (along with a resume and talking points) and a network growth and management plan.

You deserve a job-search strategy that delivers confidence without compromise.