I changed careers 3 times.

If you are going through a time of discouragement, there is a time of great personal growth ahead.

— Oswald Chambers

Do we have to take a step back to go forward?

Creating a compelling story and learning how to tell it with confidence will allow you to change careers without taking a step back.

After working in global marketing for several years, I decided I wanted to to make my first major career change and pursue work in international education.   Because I didn’t check the boxes for the job I really wanted, I applied for a lower level job.

I took a pay cut with the promise of promotion from within, and because I knew I would work harder, better, faster and longer than my peers, I was convinced I could fast-track that promotion that I KNEW I deserved.

My work paid off. I was recognized as a top performer, and encouraged to apply for a promotion when the opportunity arose.  And when someone else who was less qualified got the job, I realized I had made a mistake by taking a step back to get my foot in the door.  My employer wanted me to spend more time in my current role before they promoted me.  When I took that step back, the “experience clock” started over. Because my employer hadn’t acknowledged the work I’d done previously as they considered me for my first role with the company, they weren’t about to acknowledge it when I applied for promotion.  From an employer’s perspective, whatever level you start at, IS the level you deserve.

I eventually got promoted twice and decided to make another career change, starting by getting an MBA in Spain. Upon graduation there was one thing I knew for certain: I needed to hustle.

After learning how to tell my story, creating a network of the right people, and branding myself, I took on a new career as a consultant for the New Zealand government helping CEOs and executives in Silicon Valley and New Zealand connect to solve big problems, and change the course of their businesses. I then leveraged the experience and connections I had built to become an Executive Recruiter,  and finally followed my dream of helping others achieve their goals and dreams (without compromising on level, scope and pay).

Through it all, from that first pay cut to where I am now, I’ve doubled my salary with every career change, and I now make almost 10x what I was earning just 8 years ago.

I believe in the power of genuine, heartfelt, meaningful relationships…

…and the importance of bringing your best self to the table with an eye towards service, whether it be to your lifelong friend or a new mentor.

I help my clients hone in on that space, and with a laser focus, go after their dream job.

I don’t believe that taking a step back is a necessity for anyone changing careers, and I do believe that one great job offer is better than 4 mostly-good options.

I know what makes people successful.

After moving into a full-time role as an Executive Recruiter, it wasn’t long before friends, family and all sorts of people started contacting me to help them with their careers, until I realized one day that I was setting aside a full day each week just to help people. This is when I knew I had something special, unique and something people weren’t getting elsewhere.

But I wasn’t just helping others, I was also applying the SAME approach to my own career growth, and honing it as I went along.  Through all of my career moves, I wasn’t just sitting on the sidelines, I was playing the game, and getting better as I went along.

I help others learn these critical career management skills, so that like me, you can feel CONFIDENT that you’re earning your worth and maximizing your career potential.

I have seen first hand that some of the best and brightest struggle to get ahead simply because they NEVER LEARNED how to manage their career strategically.  You can be really great at what you do, and never get promoted/acknowledged for it.

There’s not one simple trick or one thing that will make you a career success.  The reality is that career management is a system of interlocking components, that together create and build successful careers.

Take it from me. Sometimes the end of one thing is really just the beginning to something greater. Career change IS POSSIBLE without taking steps backwards.

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