I am beyond excited and I could not have done this without Suzanne! I went from having no offers and no prospects for two whole years – to having multiple opportunities and two offers after only 4-5 months of applying post-completion of the program. I can’t thank you enough!

-Tamara, Project Manager


Suzanne is my go-to woman when I contemplate a career change. I somehow got through a BS and PhD at MIT without learning how to master the job search process, so thank goodness I found Suzanne. She knows how to ask you the right questions to get to the heart of what you want in your career, and then how to construct those desires into actual jobs. She used data (which I love!) to guide me through the nuances of the job search process and helped me get the job I wanted.

It’s easy to do a job search poorly, and much harder to attend to all of the little details that make a search truly great. Suzanne is the master of the expert job search! Working with her made all the difference.

-Samantha, Director of Human Resources, BioTech Industry

I just want to say I’m so thankful for Suzanne’s time and assistance. I am a very self-aware person; I appreciate the directed questions Suzanne asked that made me think differently about what I want in my career, as well as how candid she was regarding her assessment of my skills, and my need to be clear regarding my own worth.

Tasha, VP, Federal Defense Market




I had a great experience with the Career Confidence Program, and really with Suzanne, because she is the Program. I went from being a good job candidate on paper – packaging that and selling it was not easy. I went from being maybe a 5 in terms of in-person interviews, to probably between an 8 and a 10. And it really helped.

I get to do exactly what I want to do. I’m surrounded by world class researchers, talking about science, but doing the organizational portion of it and facilitating their creativity. My first report to the NIH is due Monday.

Suzanne helps other people be great. 

-Kathleen, PhD, Scientific Project and Strategic Alliance Manager, BioTech Industry

I made my first big jump – consisting of leaving my 9-5 and hopping on a plane via one way ticket to Europe. In the last few months I’ve visited places I’ve only dreamed of going that I hadn’t been.

All these milestones were made possible because Suzanne made me feel confident in my ability to make it work. I knew this was something I wanted but I didn’t know I was capable of being brave that way – I thought this kind of life was meant for other people… but then Suzanne shared her experience about living abroad, about working for the government and starting her own non-profit, and about the companies that would be thrilled to hire someone who had a thirst for culture the way I do.

I’ve decided I want to keep going. I’m going to focus on doing remote work, and potentially getting clients who need writers, or marketers – obviously not what I thought I wanted to do when I took her course, but the right change of pace.

-Salma, Sales & Marketing 

Suzanne has made me more focused on my next career path and what I truly want from my next employer and job.  Her candor and helping me not play it all too safe was helpful. I have a tendency to play everything to safe and not really go after my wants.

Suzanne helped me push through that and become a little more confident in my wants and needs. Overall, a great program!

-Samara, Creative Executive & Designer


Suzanne has shifted my perspective 180 degrees! She taught me the importance of establishing my brand, recognizing my value, and standing in my truth. I also learned so much from Suzanne on how to stay true to myself during career advancement planning, what networking is and isn’t (and how to do it correctly!), and why creating multiple resumes is wrong. Her style gave me just the right “nudge” to head in the right direction.

-Sylvia, Customer Success Program Manager, Biotech Industry


Suzanne is an exceptional coach and a reliable trusted partner. I worked with Suzanne to identify the next stage in my career. To do that she helped me look inwards – from there we were able to connect my passion, strengths, and experience. And from there we defined my value proposition that we later used to successfully update my resume and other job acquisition tools.

In my experience – Suzanne continuously went above and beyond; she showed this in the advice she has given me, the time she allocated for our meetings and her great attention to details. Suzanne has also been available to help me with questions and decisions post the completion of our sessions. In short, Suzanne has been an asset in my career navigation experience.

-Amer, Vice President Product Development, Tech Industry

Suzanne has been very supportive and although I didn’t get a chance to fully finish the program, I appreciated having her guidance every step of the way.

I’m certain I will use the program and Suzanne’s help in future career development and changes as well.

The best part about working with Suzanne is her openness and honesty. I felt like I was really talking to someone who not only possessed the skills of a great career coach but actually cared about my work and personal development. It felt like she was “on my team” so to speak, and it’s something I didn’t feel with anyone else that I spoke with prior to working with Suzanne.

Thank you Suzanne for being such a great resource during a confusing time. I’m sure our paths will cross again, and I’m very much looking forward to it!

-Alice, Senior Consultant

For a long time, I had a sense that I was approaching my job search just completely wrong. I knew it was off kilter but I just didn’t know what to do and websites that provide advice do a terrible job. “You should network!” is not advice.  Working with Suzanne has helped me understand how much I don’t know about how professionals get jobs.

-Shakeel, Material Scientist



Suzanne is clearly a gifted and experienced professional in the field. I felt an instant connection with her and learned so much from our encounter. She was able to relate to my situation and empathize with my experiences and offer invaluable feedback. I also found the virtual webinar very informative.

What I enjoyed most was her clear communication and transparent approach to helping one find the right career path. I would definitely recommend Suzanne to anyone looking to transition careers, or find a new job.

Andrea, Multicultural Counseling and Diversity, Academic Advising, Program Development


Suzanne has been an incredibly helpful career and interview coach. Working with her helped me enormously, and I recommend her for anyone looking to improve their interview and networking skills.

-Diana, Human Resources Manager, Biotech Industry


Suzanne helped me get my dream job, which I didn’t even know existed. It was exciting to see my brand emerge after I worked through the assignments, video tutorials, and one-on-one coaching calls. She also helped me discover how much fun networking can be. I enjoyed working with Suzanne tremendously. I would highly recommend Suzanne to anyone who wants to level up and get their dream jobs.

-Regina, Director of Marketing

I have known Suzanne professionally for almost a decade. She is good at what she does. During this time Suzanne has been my primary adviser in finding, exploring, accepting, rejecting or negotiating a job offer.

Even though I could get advice from career services offices at the two institutions where I got my graduate degrees (IE Business School and MIT), nothing compared to the kind of advice I got from Suzanne.

It is very easy to miss the little things that can increase one’s value in the view of a hiring manager or recruiter. I learned from Suzanne that there is always room to negotiate and most importantly when to do so.

In planning my professional career path she has been a trusted confidante in appreciating my true value at the point of the negotiations and using this information in a refined way to arrive at a winning decision for both me and my future employers. Suzanne is helping me shape my 3 to 5 year plan. I’m grateful I have her as my secret weapon. 

-Henry, Logistics & Transportation, Tech Industry