get the job, position and salary you



get the job, position and salary you


even if you don’t have a relevant network



Suzanne is an exceptional coach and a reliable trusted partner. I worked with Suzanne to identify the next stage in my career. To do that she helped me look inwards – from there we were able to connect my passion, strengths, and experience. And from there we defined my value proposition that we later used to successfully update my resume and other job acquisition tools.

In my experience – Suzanne continuously went above and beyond; she showed this in the advice she has given me, the time she allocated for our meetings and her great attention to details. Suzanne has also been available to help me with questions and decisions post the completion of our sessions. In short, Suzanne has been an asset in my career navigation experience.

-Amer, Vice President Product Development, Tech Industry


Suzanne is my go-to woman when I contemplate a career change. I somehow got through a BS and PhD at MIT without learning how to master the job search process, so thank goodness I found Suzanne. She knows how to ask you the right questions to get to the heart of what you want in your career, and then how to construct those desires into actual jobs. She used data (which I love!) to guide me through the nuances of the job search process and helped me get the job I wanted.

It’s easy to do a job search poorly, and much harder to attend to all of the little details that make a search truly great. Suzanne is the master of the expert job search! Working with her made all the difference.

-Samantha, Director of Human Resources, BioTech Industry


I have known Suzanne professionally for almost a decade. She is good at what she does. During this time Suzanne has been my primary adviser in finding, exploring, accepting, rejecting or negotiating a job offer. Even though I could get advice from career services offices at the two institutions where I got my graduate degrees (IE Business School and MIT), nothing compared to the kind of advice I got from Suzanne. It is very easy to miss the little things that can increase one’s value in the view of a hiring manager or recruiter. I learned from Suzanne that there is always room to negotiate and most importantly when to do so. In planning my professional career path she has been a trusted confidante in appreciating my true value at the point of the negotiations and using this information in a refined way to arrive at a winning decision for both me and my future employers. Suzanne is helping me shape my 3 to 5 year plan. I’m grateful I have her as my secret weapon. 

-Henry, Logistics & Transportation, Tech Industry


For a long time, I had a sense that I was approaching my job search just completely wrong. I knew it was off kilter but I just didn’t know what to do and websites that provide advice do a terrible job. “You should network!” is not advice.  Working with Suzanne has helped me understand how much I don’t know about how professionals get jobs.

-Shakeel, Material Scientist