Executive Career Coach

An executive career coach to help you gain a competitive edge at each step of your job search.

As an executive recruiter for 7 years, I’ve worked with 100+ CEOs and Senior Executives to build their executive teams and identify their most important hires. I understand how to decipher a company’s true needs. As an executive career coach, I can help you design strategic messaging that will resonate during interviews, on your resume, and throughout every conversation you hold.

I was recently featured as a compensation and negotiation expert in Forbes – read more about negotiating bonus and equity compensation here.

With fewer positions at the top, standing out from your competition becomes increasingly important. Career coaching can help.

Because of my extensive experience interviewing executives, I have a deep understanding of what your competition looks like. Which is why I can help you create a professional brand that makes you stand out from your competition. Our work together will help you confidently communicate your brand in your resume, on LinkedIn, during interviews, networking and most importantly, as you negotiate your offer, equity and bonus.

Elevating your professional brand with a career coach can make the difference between getting the offer and being the runner up.

Throughout our work together, you’ll benefit from the specialized insight, perspective and guidance I’ve gained from my experience as a recruiter. I’ve completed searches for business and commercial (sales, marketing, business development, strategy, finance, medical affairs) and technical leadership roles (engineering, product, medical, to name a few). Together, we’ll build a comprehensive job search strategy, to help you

  • Clarify your message, so that your resume demonstrates your unique expertise and positions you for the next level up.
  • Build a LinkedIn profile to help you get called for the right opportunities by executive recruiters.
  • Navigate the interview process with confidence and ease, whether your focus is startups or global, multi-national corporations.
  • Manage the interview so you aren’t managed, and you confidently demonstrate your full value, so that you’re positioning yourself for the best possible offer.
  • Negotiate for a better compensation package, with thorough preparation and support, and my insider’s view on how to manage the salary discussion at each step of the process.
Building your network will help you grow and gain access to the best opportunities.

As you climb the ladder, chances are, you’ll outgrow your network. Similarly, if you’re relocating, changing industries, or trying to rebrand yourself, your current network may not be working for you.  Working together, we’ll develop a plan to strategically build and evolve your network to include C-suite executives, board members and executive recruiters.

Take your career to the next level and find a role where you can have impact.

Whether you want expanded scope and scale, you’re relocating, or you want to evolve and expand your skill set, I’ll support you in developing a strategic plan to help you reach your goals, faster.

From obtaining your first vice president role, to C-suite promotions, and all the way to Corporate Board appointments, I’ll be there to support you at each step of the way.


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