Stop Aiming for the Job You Hate

There’s a good chance you’re actually positioning yourself for work you don’t want to do. I bet you didn’t even realize you’re doing it.

Remember the basics of a Professional Brand?

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How to think about your professional brand

When you look at the professional brand diagram, it’s clear you need to help people (managers, hiring managers, your colleagues, executives in your company, your network, you name it) focus on the part of your experience that overlaps with your goals. The part in the middle is what matters.

What not to do

When you talk to your boss, and when you’re in interviews, stop talking about the things you don’t want to do again (or find a way to change the way you talk about them). All the things you’ve done that fall into the category of “don’t wanna do it in my next job” should fall in the category of “not gonna talk about it in an interview unless absolutely necessary”. All those things fall in the left side of the branding diagram and are usually things that

  • lack meaning and impact 
  • you find boring
  • are hard, unpleasant, and might make you cry at night.

    Talking about work that is hard and less enjoyable will get you work that is…hard and less enjoyable.

It’s the stuff you never want to do again. Maybe you’ve learned a lot doing it, maybe you’ve grown a lot since you started doing that work. Maybe you are good at it. Heck, you’re probably even super proud of some of the things you’ve done here, but you don’t enjoy this work and for some reason you keep getting assigned more of it.

The surefire way to get another job you’ll hate, or get assigned a new project that you don’t want to do, is to focus on, talk about and highlight how hard the thing is that you hate doing.

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