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Hi! I’m Suzanne. My life’s mission is to teach the best and brightest professionals how to manage their careers so they can accelerate, advance and grow in their dream career.

#109: Combat the Sunday Blues

The relief of waking up on the weekend, knowing you have a free day (or at least fun day) ahead of you, is often accompanied by a slight twinge of dread for the week to come. Sunday nights can be a tough pill to swallow, knowing that you’re facing another 5 days of work that simply doesn’t fulfill you anymore.

The Sunday Blues can grow as your job search or frustration at work lingers on, and the seemingly never-ending application cycle hasn’t yet given you the job you want and deserve.

I’ve been there, and I’m here with you now to help you take charge and change the way that Sundays feel.

This too shall pass

You won’t be in this job forever, and even though it can sometimes feel like the next opportunity isn’t coming fast enough, rest-assured that there is a HUGE surge in job openings that takes places in January.

That surge will undoubtedly get you excited when you start seeing new, interesting opportunities coming your way via job alerts come the new year.

Use the Sunday Blues to Create Positive Results

The Sunday Evening Blues, and Sunday evening in general, is a perfect time to change the way you approach the week ahead.  The CAUSE of the Sunday Blues, is often rooted in the fact that you don’t have much to look forward to on the work front.  But you can create something exciting for yourself that will give you hope far beyond this week. If you’re feeling frustrated and dreading the week ahead, taking action can do 2 things:

  1. Help you Gain Perspective on your job search, your own strengths and the job market in the field where you want to be
  2. Give you something to look forward to on the career front (i.e. it will make your week a little more bearable)
Your 1-Step Action Plan for Today

Channel the Sunday Evening Blues into something positive by reaching out to one contact who you haven’t connected with in awhile, and suggest lunch or coffee.

Resources to Make it Easier for You

To make it easy for you, I’ve created a script for you to download as my weekend gift to you:

FREE email draft: How to reach out to someone you haven’t had contact with in awhile.

Click here to get your free download

I promise you that by just emailing 1 person today and every Sunday, you’ll begin to feel a little more optimistic about the week ahead, and more importantly your future career change.