What is a Professional Brand?

You have one, whether you like it or not. And if you’re reading this post, chances are your default professional brand is getting in your way. It’s a pretty common problem that starts with one little mistake, which I talk more about here.


So what is a professional brand anyway?

Your professional brand is what people think you’re capable of. If you’re letting your work speak for itself and hoping you’ll get acknowledged and have the opportunity to move ahead, then your professional brand is probably an anchor, weighing you down and keeping you in your place.


If you want people to truly get you, and see that you’re worthy and super capable of doing more, then you’ve got to start talking about yourself differently.


What your professional brand should be

Your brand should be the intersection where your VALUE, EXPERIENCE and ACCOMPLISHMENTS, line up with your GOALS, INTERESTS AND PASSIONS.


So here it is, the simplest Venn Diagram ever to help you create a new professional brand and position yourself for the job you want.

How to think about your professional brand

Your brand is the single most important driver in helping you get what you want. Take the time to create a brand that works FOR you, so you can get the job you’ve earned.

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