The way you talk about your work defines your future work.

The stories you tell help your current and future bosses understand your value, and how they can best utilize you. When you only focus on work that is hard (and unenjoyable) vs. work that is hard but you LOVE doing, you set yourself up for doing more of the work you don’t love.

When you’re interviewing, focus your answers on the things you love most, and you’re more likely to:

  • get hired for a higher level role (because let’s be honest, you love a challenge)
  • land a job that lets you do the things you love most
  • work for a boss who TRULY understands the smarts, capability and FULL value you bring to the table

As Michael Porter the godfather of strategy says,“Strategy is choosing what NOT to do.”

That doesn’t just apply to business, it applies to your career. While you don’t want to walk into a job interview and list all of the things you won’t do, you can focus on the things you LOVE to do when you talk about yourself.

The value of the work you do is not in how hard it is for you, it’s how easy you make it for everyone else. Take some time today and think about the work you love most, so you can stop talking about the painful stuff and help people see the real you, the person and professional that is just waiting to be given the chance to shine.

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