In my previous post, I talked about the importance of NOT placing value on work that is genuinely hard, possibly unpleasant and totally not fun.

I want you to find meaningful work that you enjoy doing, the kind of job that you’ll actually look forward to going to. Because of that, today’s post is all about shifting your perspective, so you can start talking about all the valuable things you do that you also enjoy.

Remember the basics of a Professional Brand?

Read more about it here.

How to think about your professional brand

The part in the middle is what matters.

That part in the middle also happens to line up perfectly with what I like to call, Your Inner Awesome. The problem is that you might not even realize all the awesome you bring to the table.

Just because you enjoy doing something doesn’t mean it isn’t valuable.

I see it time and time again with my clients. They discount or completely ignore the thing they love doing most. Because they enjoy it, they don’t think it matters. Work is supposed to be hard and unpleasant, right?

So during year-end reviews and interviews, we highlight all the things we did that were difficult, unpleasant, and yet we did them with a smile. As if to say “Look at me! I’m a good sport! I’ll do all the stuff I hate doing! And I do it well!”

When I point this out to my one-on-one coaching clients, they’ll even say things like “I don’t mind doing that” or “Oh, that was not a big deal – it was actually kind of fun!”

You probably wouldn’t say that if your boss asked you to go pick up his dry cleaning…The work you do that you enjoy¬†is a big deal and you are valuable.

Listen to yourself!

You’re ignoring your own voice. That voice is telling you exactly the kind of work you love doing! And then you’re telling the world that you’re great at doing work you don’t want to do anymore.

If you want to find a job you love and get management to give you more assignments doing work you love, you need to start realizing the value of the work you love. The value of the work you do is not in how hard it is for you, it’s how hard it would be for someone else to do it.

Figuring out what your innate talents are, and then making them a focal point when you talk about your work, will help you get more of the work you love.

Your innate talents, abilities and the things you naturally gravitate towards are valuable, and you need to start talking about them like they are. You’ve probably got more to add to the right side of that circle then you even realize.

The way you talk about work, and what you choose to highlight, defines your future work. Read more here.

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